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Muscle Core brings strengths the clear and refreshing protein presence in the Middle East

Muscle Core Nutrition Iso Clear Protein

Muscle Core Nutrition in the Middle East has almost always stuck to traditional sports nutrition categories with the likes of its protein powders 100% Whey and ISO-Whey, the pre-workout NO Pre-Core, and the amino BCAA. Keeping with that theme going, the brand has introduced another popular type of product, or at least a product that’s become much more mainstream these last few years in the clear and refreshing ISO Clear Protein.

Clear and refreshing protein powder is a type of high-protein nutrition supplement that gives you a good amount of protein alongside a light amount of carbohydrates and fat in fruity flavors instead of the tried and true, Chocolate and Vanilla. Muscle Core Nutrition’s ISO Clear Protein fits right into that with 20g of protein a serving from whey isolate, no fat or sugar, and only 400mg of carbohydrates, leaving you on a lean calorie count of 81.

To add something a bit extra to ISO Clear Protein, Muscle Core Nutrition has enhanced its newest protein powder with the premium enzyme blend DigeZyme to improve and enhance digestion for better absorption. The brand has already launched the product through its major retail partner in its region with Life Pharmacy, in tubs of 20 full servings with three fruity flavors to choose from in Grape & Berry, Orange Lime, and Pineapple Mango.