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Naughty Boy suggests its next protein powder is a more budget-friendly offering

Naughty Boy Value Focused Protein Powder

Naughty Boy didn’t have a huge presence in the protein powder category originally but now has three competitors; Whey 100, featuring three different types of whey; Vegan Protein, a plant-based alternative; and the clear, refreshing, and recently revealed Clear Whey. The two-time International Brand Of The Year has revealed that a fourth entry in the saturated protein space is just around the corner, and it’ll have an important point of difference.

There is no name for the upcoming Naughty Boy supplement; all we know is that it is a protein powder; it will feature a different kind of blend to Whey 100; and it is launching in a 1kg tub and a much bigger size than any of the brand’s other proteins at 2kg. Based on the details shared, we’re guessing the upcoming product is more of a value-driven offering, with a higher whey concentrate blend compared to Whey 100, and it will have that large 2kg size.

All the hints and clues point to Naughty Boy’s fourth protein powder being a cost-conscious alternative to save you some money compared to the more premium Whey 100 and its blend of whey isolate, hydrolyzed whey, and whey concentrate. The brand doesn’t tend to waste much time between teasing, hyping, revealing, and releasing, so expect to see more on the topic of the presumably cost-effective protein supplement sometime very soon.