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Pistachio Delight returns to Nutrabio’s Classic Whey menu it could be here to stay

Nutrabio Brings Back Pistachio Delight Classic Whey

Years ago, Nutrabio released a special edition flavor for its flagship protein powder Classic Whey, and it was unique, although alternatively, a relatively common taste in the likes of the UK and Europe. The flavor the originally transparent supplement company turned into a protein powder was pistachio, officially named Pistachio Delight, and while it was only around for a limited time, it has been sorely missed by fans and followers.

It turns out, the demand for it to make a return did not go unnoticed, as this month, Nutrabio has officially re-released the Pistachio Delight flavor of Classic Whey in the supplement’s two tub sizes, the traditional 2lb and 5lb. Currently, the plan is to keep it around for another limited time run, basically through until the end of summer; however, those plans may change as the brand will make it permanent if it indeed makes sense.

Basically, if everyone that had been wanting to see the return of Pitaschio Delight Classic Whey keeps ordering, and Nutrabio sees that consistent demand, the product will become an ongoing option for the protein powder. For those that have been waiting for the opportunity to get their hands on the pistachio-themed flavor again, you can now do so over at, where 2lbs of Classic Whey is $39.99 and 5lbs is $74.99.