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Eat Clean Bro uses NutraBio’s Classic Whey to make a protein-packed cookie dough

Nutrabio X Eat Clean Bro Protein Cookie Dough

The hugely successful clean and nutritious, healthy meal company Eat Clean Bro has teamed up with the reputable and long-running sports nutrition brand NutraBio for a special edition item. The two have created a product that combines some of the top qualities from each of the companies, with NutraBio offering up its popular whey protein powder Classic Whey and Eat Clean Bro crafting a delicious protein snack with it.

The tangible result of the partnership is a pot of incredibly sweet and delicious cookie dough that, as mentioned, is made using NutraBio’s whey concentrate-based Classic Whey to give it a nice hit of protein. We don’t know the complete nutrition profile of the product, only that it is indeed high in protein, especially next to traditional calorie-dense cookie dough, and the macros are said to be able to fit into a reasonable diet.

NutraBio hasn’t mentioned anything about when you’ll be able to purchase this from its or Eat Clean Bros’ online store, but there is a place you can go to get your hands on it, at least for a short period of time. The supplement company is actually sampling the high protein cookie dough this weekend at its annual event, the BioCrew Bash, happening this weekend at its headquarters at 564 Lincoln Blvd Middlesex in New Jersey.

NutraBio and Eat Clean Bros are going to have two flavors available to sample at the BioCrew Bash for its protein-packed cookie dough in Double Chocolate and Chocolate Chip, and as soon as we hear more about how you can order the product for those that don’t make it to the event, we’ll be sure to share the information.

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