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C4 and Xtend are about to become a lot more competitive in the growing Indian market

Nutrabolt Partners With Nutra Prep In India

The sports nutrition industry in India is rapidly growing, with several significant brands being brought into the country, especially from the US, but there is also a lot of emerging competition from domestic brands created entirely within the country. One of the hugely popular companies that already has strong distribution in India is the pre-workout specialist C4 from Nutrabolt, which is about to drastically improve its presence.

Nutrabolt has announced a partnership with India’s Nutra Prep to handle the domestic manufacturing and marketing of its premier brands C4 and Xtend. Nutra Prep director Amit Dhirwani says, “we can now bring the same product range, quality, innovation, and efficacy that our customers have come to expect from these brands, but now at affordable prices”. The fact the products are being made in India and said to have affordable prices are going to be the two biggest features of the partnership.

In India, the typical price of a domestically made supplement, something like a pre-workout, is not anywhere near what you get here in the US. Take something random as an example like Nutristar’s Meteor Explosive pre-workout, which from the likes of Health Kart, costs ₹1,444 (17.60 USD). From the same store C4 Original, a mainstream cost-effective product in the US, costs you ₹2,999 (36.55 USD), clearly leaving a substantial gap.

Having Nutra Prep make its various C4 and Xtend supplements in India is expected to noticeably bring those prices down, in turn making the products more competitive and appealing in the growing market. We’re not exactly sure what the current setup with Nutrabolt and the C4 and Xtend supplements already available in India is, but again, the Nutra Prep partnership is making bold promises that will have a strong impact when they play out.

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