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Gorilla Mind blends strawberry and kiwi for this year’s limited flavor for the 4th Of July

Strawberry Kiwi Gorilla Mode And Gorilla Nitric

Gorilla Mind is no stranger to putting together special edition products for an occasion, as it’s something the supplement company did last year for the current holiday, in the 4th Of July. For those that don’t remember, the reputable brand rolled out a citrusy Gorilla Krush flavor for its stackable pre-workout’s Gorilla Mode and Gorilla Mode Nitric, then the year before that, fans were treated to Volcano Burst for those same two packed products.

The team at Gorilla Mind is back to celebrate another Independence Day with a special edition flavor for its pre-workout’s Gorilla Mode and Gorilla Mode Nitric, and like those past 4th Of July flavors, the latest features an alternatively themed label design. The taste this time around is a little more traditional compared to Gorilla Krush and Volcano Burst with a blend of sweet strawberry and refreshing kiwi, simply named Strawberry Kiwi.

Gorilla Mind has only announced the flavor extension for now, as it’s not planning to make Strawberry Kiwi Gorilla Mode or Gorilla Mode Nitric available for purchase until the 4th Of July itself, where there will also likely be a strong deal or discount.