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Sour Raspberry joins Aware PWO’s family of flavors for the summer season

Summer Edition Sour Raspberry Aware Pwo

Aware Nutrition in Sweden is another brand in the world of sports nutrition that has cooked up something refreshing specifically for summer, and it is only going to be around for the length of the sunny season. The now well-established supplement company in the increasingly competitive and advanced Swedish market has created a colorful flavor for its original flagship pre-workout Aware PWO, and it is being branded and referred to as the Aware PWO Summer Edition.

The taste of Aware Nutrition’s summertime product is a sweet candy-like Sour Raspberry Aware PWO, packed with all of the supplement’s usual features. For those not familiar with the brand and pre-workout, it is not short on highlights, packing the likes of citrulline malate at a hefty 9g for pumps, 1.5g of tyrosine for focus, and 300mg of caffeine for energy. Aware PWO Summer Edition is available direct at SEK 379 (34.68 USD), but again, it’s only here for summer.