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Jordan Peters’ busy brands adds two flavors to ISO Pro and five to Performance Protein

Trained By Jp Seven Flavors For Iso Pro And Performance Protein

The always-growing and expanding UK brand Trained By JP Nutrition from reputable bodybuilder and coach Jordan Peters has dropped a whole bunch of items this week, although while there are quite a few releases, they’re all flavor extensions. In total, fans are being treated to seven new options spread across two separate supplements, both of which are protein powders in the premium whey isolate-powered ISO Pro and the cost-conscious blend-style formula, Performance Protein, backed by whey concentrate and isolate.

Of the seven extensions, two are for ISO Pro, and they’re both uncommon, far from your traditional chocolate and vanilla in White Chocolate Hazelnut and Chocolate Pistachio. Then for Performance Protein, there are five additions, with a classic Cookies & Cream, White Chocolate Hazelnut, the Speculoos-inspired Caramel Biscuit, Chocolate Pistachio, and Chocolate Caramel Nut. As per usual, you can grab any of the latest from the brand’s website with ISO Pro at £79.99 for a bag of 60 servings and £49.99 for a 2kg bag of 66 servings of Performance Protein.