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Wicked expands its Clear Whey Isolate menu to include its Bomb Pop-inspired Ice Pop

Wicked Protein Ice Pop Clear Whey Isolate

This year for the 4th Of July, protein specialist Wicked Protein timed the release of a fitting flavor for its original hit supplement, the clear and refreshing protein powder Clear Whey Isolate, already available in Cherry Limeade, Blue Raspberry, and Tropical Punch. The brand crafted a taste similar to what many other sports nutrition companies release for Independence Day in a Bomb Pop-inspired flavor named Ice Pop.

The extension keeps with the theme of Wicked Protein’s Clear Whey Isolate menu of not being any sort of milkshake style taste like Chocolate or Vanilla, and it fits right in with the other options mentioned above. As far as we know, Ice Pop Clear Whey Isolate provides the typical Bomb Pop flavor combination of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry, and it has the supplement’s lean nutrition profile of 23g of protein with just 95 calories.

Interestingly, while Wicked Protein launched its Bomb Pop-like Ice Pop Clear Whey Isolate in line with the 4th Of July, it does not appear to be a limited-time taste like many others that drop something for the occasion. It seems as though this one is here to stay, and to celebrate the product’s release, the brand has put together the coupon “ICEPOP” to save you 15% at and currently drop the flavor to $30.59.