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Wilde puts four of its smaller bags of Protein Chips into a great-value multi-pack for Target

Wilde Chips Four Pack At Target

Wilde is the brand behind the delicious and nutritious, sweet and salty protein snack Wilde Protein Chips, which are uniquely made with actual chicken breast and egg whites for a crunchy chip experience like no other. True to the name of the product, it is packed with protein at 20g in a standard 2.25oz bag, and considering the ingredients it’s made with, the carbohydrates and fat are reasonable, and as mentioned, they’re enjoyable to eat with taste and texture that feel like classic potato chips.

Wilde and its signature Wilde Protein Chips have gradually expanded throughout their time on the market, adding more flavors to the menu of the addictively tasty high-protein snack and more sizes for you to enjoy the chips in. The major retailer Target has recently added another one of those size extensions to its shelves in a multi-pack, where you get a larger bag of four smaller bags, and they aren’t the usual 2.25oz but the brand’s tiniest option available in a 1.34oz, so just over half the 2.25oz.

You can purchase the 1.34oz bags of Wilde Protein Chips directly from the brand’s online store at in bundles of eight for $28. That’s not bad, although it’s a value that Target destroys with its four-pack priced at $8.99 in three of Wilde’s six different flavors of the chips in Sea Salt & Vinegar, Buffalo Style, and our favorite in Chicken & Waffles.

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