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Germany’s All Stars continues the spree of brands putting together clear protein powders

All Stars Clear Isolate Whey Protein

As the weeks go by, more and more sports nutrition and even lifestyle supplement companies are jumping into the sub-category of clear protein powder, and today we have yet another from Germany’s All Stars. The brand has taken the common approach to this sort of product, relying on premium whey isolate as the sole source of protein, providing an impressively lean nutrition profile, and exclusively in fruity flavors.

All Stars’ latest supplement is Clear Isolate Whey Protein, packing 20g of protein in a relatively compact 24g serving, less than a gram of carbohydrates, with the sugar also under a gram, almost no fat at 300mg, and a low 86 calories. As mentioned, the brand relies entirely on fast-absorbing whey isolate in Clear Isolate, with the only other ingredients in the clear and refreshing protein powder being for flavor and color.

Clear Isolate Whey Protein has debuted in three tastes, all of which are indeed refreshing and fruit-themed in the straightforward Fresh Cherry and Green Apple, then something a bit more complex in Ice Tea Mango Peach. Fans of All Stars in its home country of Germany as well as neighboring markets can purchase the fruity protein powder from at €27.90 (30.49 USD) for a tub of 16 servings or €22.32 (24.39 USD) if you check out with the limited coupon code “GETFIT”.