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Ascent Protein is bringing back last year’s Mocha Cold Brew flavor of Native Whey Protein

Ascent Protein Return Of Mocha Cold Brew Native Fuel Whey Protein

Around this time last year, the protein specialist Ascent Protein released a limited edition flavor of its blend-style protein powder Native Fuel Whey Protein, providing 25g of protein a serving from native whey isolate, regular whey isolate, and whey concentrate. The flavor the brand dropped was Mocha Cold Brew, which came dressed in an alternative, camouflage-covered packaging design and had 25% of the proceeds from its sale to the non-profit organization for veterans, Team Red, White & Blue.

One year later, Ascent Protein has brought back that product; in fact, it had it at last week’s CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin. Those in attendance could try and buy the Mocha Cold Brew Native Fuel Whey Protein once again, although it appears that’s not where the availability is ending. The brand has said the returning protein powder is making its way back into its lineup next week, so if you didn’t make it out to the CrossFit Games, you’ll get your chance to buy a bag in a few days through