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Get at least $125 worth of product in Bucked Up’s intriguing Mystery Boxes

Bucked Up Intriguing Mystery Boxes

Tomorrow, Bucked Up is launching a somewhat mysterious product, and it makes that very clear in its name with Bucked Up Mystery Boxes. This is something the brand has made available previously, and they are indeed boxes where the contents inside are a complete mystery. Bucked Up does not tell you exactly what you’re getting when you purchase one of them, only a rough idea of the types of items it is randomly throwing in there.

Bucked Up has said that its upcoming Mystery Boxes will include things like apparel and accessories, equipment for the gym, presumably like lifting straps and wraps, and, of course, some of its many different sports nutrition supplements. The brand does include an extra bit of intrigue and mystery, saying on top of all of that will be other Bucked Up “greatness” and some little surprises, which makes the already intriguing boxes more so.

We’re not sure exactly how much one of the Bucked Up Mystery Boxes is going to set you back, but it’ll likely be a good price in regards to what you get inside, as every one of them has a total value of at least $125. That’s certainly enough to make it worth the risk, but there is only going to be a limited amount, so when they go live tomorrow over at, be sure to get in and make your purchase sooner rather than later.

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