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Another intriguing flavor creation comes to the delicious high-protein ProPud MilkShake

Caramel Glazed Bananas Propud Milkshake

ProPud is another popular functional brand of products that is popular and widely available in Sweden as well as a few other countries, and it’s known for giving you a good amount of protein in a variety of convenient and enjoyable formats. One of its star efforts is the delicious ProPud Protein Pudding, which tastes and feels like a pot of actual pudding but with 20g of protein, and there is also the genuinely milkshake-like beverage appropriately named ProPud Milkshake.

Most of the flavors available for ProPud’s protein drink are typical and straightforward as seen in Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies ‘N Cream, and Strawberry, although occasionally, it draws outside of the lines in the likes of White Chocolate Raspberry, Pear Vanilla, and arriving this week, Caramel Glazed Bananas. The new addition is certainly an interesting one, blending together sweet and smooth banana with salty caramel while still providing a protein-packed nutrition profile.

The Caramel Glazed Bananas ProPud Milkshake is out now in the brand’s local Swedish market, conveniently giving you its signature 20g of protein a bottle, 5.2g of fat, 16.1g of carbohydrates, most of which is sugar, and just under 200 calories at 194.

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