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OP1 Whey Protein expands its menu to one shy of double digits with Butterscotch Pancakes

Chemical Warfare Butterscotch Op1 Whey

Chemical Warfare in the UK has built quite the menu for its whey-based, mainstream-level protein powder OP1 Whey Protein, with typical tastes like Chocolate Fudgecake and Vanilla, and some not-so-common creations like Banoffee Pie and Glazed Donut. Despite that already well-established selection of flavors, the brand continues to add more extensions to the supplement, and this week it has yet another one, and similar to Banoffee Pie and Glazed Donut, it is not anything traditional.

The latest taste creation from Chemical Warfare for OP1 Whey Protein is a classic breakfast food turned into a lean protein shake. Taking the protein powder’s menu to a total one shy of double digits is Butterscotch Pancakes, aiming to deliver a sweet and savory experience reminiscent of a delicious pancake breakfast. Chemical Warfare’s new Butterscotch Pancakes OP1 Whey Protein is already live and in stock in its online store in its competitively priced 1.8kg tub of 60 servings at £39.99.