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EndurElite preparing to drop two Cluster Dextrin-powered products this coming Labor Day

Endurelite Carb Fuel And Elite Fuel Coming Soon

This coming Labor Day, which is about a week away from this weekend, the performance and endurance specialist EndurElite is releasing two completely new supplements, both fitting right in with the rest of its many different products. The items are Carb Elite and Fuel Elite, neither of them having all of their details out there just yet, although the brand has offered up a description for each, letting you know what they’re about.

EndurElite’s Carb Elite is indeed a carbohydrate-based supplement; in fact, it looks as though carbs are all that’s in it as it’s unflavored, but it is also premium Cluster Dextrin highly branched cyclic dextrin for sustained energy and fuel. Fuel Elite sounds a bit more complex, featuring three different sources of carbohydrates, one of them also being Cluster Dextrin, plus electrolytes for hydration and BCAAs to support muscle recovery.

Both Carb Elite and Fuel Elite will be great extensions of EndurElite, especially Carb Elite, as it’s a versatile supplement that the brand doesn’t have anything similar to, while Fuel Elite is advanced but along the same lines as the already available Sustain Elite. That product has the same sort of combination with five sources of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and amino acids; however, EndurElite is probably looking to refresh the approach in Fuel Elite, all of which we’ll find out with their upcoming launch.