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MuscleTech prepares to impact the premium isolate side of the protein powder category

First Look At Muscletechs Premium Isowhey

ISO Whey is a product name MuscleTech has used a couple of times in the past, and on both of those occasions, it was in relation to a protein powder. There was the exclusively fruit-flavored ISO Whey Clear and the incredibly lean Nitro-Tech ISO Whey with 25g of protein and 100 calories. The legacy sports nutrition powerhouse looks as though it is bringing that name back in the form of a premium whey isolate-powered supplement.

MuscleTech’s upcoming ISO Whey, or ISOWhey, as it appears to be one word this time around, has been spotted in the picture above. It doesn’t get us overly close to the product, although it shows plenty of detail to confirm the point mentioned above: it’s a protein powder backed by whey isolate. We’re not sure what the nutrition profile is, but with whey isolate being the one and only source, you can expect it to be extremely lean.

MuscleTech is not saying much about ISOWhey yet; however, this sneak peek confirms the protein powder is coming, and with the finished product in hand, it can’t be too far away from hitting shelves. MuscleTech is a major player in the saturated protein powder space, with options at different price points and competitors in many locations all around the world, so it is in a prime position to have a significant impact on the whey isolate side of the category, taking on the likes of ISO100 and Isopure.