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French fitness clothing company ForceMental launches its own energy drink

Forcemental Energy Drink

The rise of the energy drink category isn’t limited to North America, as there have been carbonated energizing beverages popping up all over the place in countries far beyond the US and Canada. One of the latest is actually from a fitness clothing company by the name of ForceMental out of France. Previously it was exclusively about sports apparel and accessories, but now sitting alongside all of that is the ForceMental Energy Drink.

The newly released energy drink from France’s ForceMental is like most others in the highly competitive and saturated category, being a carbonated and canned beverage designed to elevate energy and enhance focus. The product doesn’t come with a lengthy list of active ingredients, keeping it simple and to the point, including a variety of B vitamins, taurine, and, of course caffeine, at a reasonably light and low amount for a 250ml can.

You don’t get highly caffeinated drinks in Europe, although even with that in mind, ForceMental Energy Drink keeps things very light at 53mg, half of Red Bull’s 110mg, which is ridiculously popular across the continent. The clothing company has launched its beverage through its website in a lone Wildberry flavor in three purchase options with a pack of six at €18.99, a common case of 12 at €29.99, and two cases at €24 (26.36 USD) each.