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GAT is taking on the competitive energy drink category with a blend of energy, focus and performance

Gat Sport Announces Coming Of Jetfuel Energy

GAT Sport is signing itself up for the immensely fast-growing and increasingly competitive energy drink category with an extension of its long-running family of weight loss supplements. The legacy sports nutrition brand has announced the coming of JetFuel Energy, a canned and carbonated beverage that is not available at the moment, but it will be arriving shortly in about two weeks on the first day of September.

Brands of all sizes have been getting in on the energy drink space these past couple of years, and the newcomers continue to surprise and excite us, with GAT Sport and JetFuel Energy being the latest to do precisely that. We haven’t seen a full shot of the energy drink yet, only confirmation of the name and details on the benefits it is aiming to deliver in the convenient canned format with improved energy, focus, and performance.

Gat Sport Announces Coming Of Jetfuel Energy 1

Based on GAT Sport highlighting performance and even focus for its upcoming JetFuel Energy, it sounds as though we’re in for a rather complex and advanced formula similar to the likes of Ghost Energy, RYSE Fuel, and Gorilla Mind Energy. We genuinely look forward to seeing more information on this, as GAT is a long-standing brand, being in the business of supplements for much longer than Stack3d, and it knows how to formulate.

While GAT Sport has used the name JetFuel for its extensive selection of fat burners throughout the years, it is an incredibly well-suited name for an energy drink. There doesn’t appear to be any mention of weight loss support for the beverage, although that would be fitting with what JetFuel is konwn for. More details are expected to be shared leading up to that September 1st launch date, so be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d.

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