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V’s light and refreshing family of energy drinks has another fruit-themed flavor announced

Green Apple Lemonade V Refresh Energy Drink

Refresh is a separate flavor series from the hit energy drink brand “V” down under in New Zealand, designed to offer a more crisp and refreshing experience with almost no calories compared to its longer-running flagship beverages, including the likes of Original, Blue, and Sugar-Free. Previously there were two tastes to choose from, both of which are, indeed, sweet and enjoyable flavors with Citrus Lemonade and Pineapple Watermelon.

This month, a third option for the menu of the V Refresh energy drink has been announced, and it continues the theme seen in Citrus Lemonade and Pineapple Watermelon with Green Apple Lemonade. As per the name, the product will offer a familiar green apple taste alongside a citrusy twist. The nutrition is also going to be similar to the others, with zero sugar, virtually no calories, and an energizing 78mg of caffeine in its 250ml can and 156 in the 500ml.

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