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Haleo in Japan makes gelato a high-protein treat with 20g a pot and virtually no sugar

Haleo High Protein Gelato Prolata

Japanese brand Haleo has introduced a new way to get more protein into the diet of its loyal fanbase, and it is in a functional format, not any traditional type like protein powder, a more convenient protein RTD, or even a protein bar. Now available in Haleo’s home country of Japan is Prolata, and you can probably gather from that creatively crafted word alone what kind of product the team has cooked up, with the second half being the giveaway.

Haleo’s Prolata is simply protein gelato. It comes in small pots, and on the inside is 130ml of sweet, smooth, and creamy handmade gelato with significantly more protein than the treat traditionally has and a much lower level of sugar. The exact nutrition profile on a single pot of Prolata starts with a strong 20g of protein, from milk and premium whey isolate, alongside 4.6g of fat, 10.9g of carbohydrates, only 100mg of that sugar, and 143 calories.

Haleo High Protein Gelato Prolata

Judging by pictures, Haleo has at least visually delivered a realistic, gelato-like consistency and creaminess, although it will be interesting to see how it tastes with that much protein and virtually no sugar. Prolata comes in the one Chocolate flavor, and being the format it is, you do need to store it in your refrigerator. You can order the product through Haleo’s online store at ¥5,378 (36.92 USD) for a pack of six, 6% discount for 12, then 10% off for 18, dropping the guilt-free treat to as low as ¥806 (5.54 USD) each.