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Functional specialist HighKey introduces its full-size cookie that’s also packed with protein

Highkey Protein Cookie

HighKey is all about functional foods, and it doesn’t tend to do anything traditional or straightforward, pumping out impressively creative, better-for-you items like sugar-free sandwich cookies, keto-friendly crackers, and its ridiculously enjoyable Caramel Clusters with under a gram of sugar. Another key product from the brand is its miniature cookies, which now have a much larger counterpart in HighKey’s full-size Protein Cookie.

The all-new HighKey Protein Cookie has a respectable 14g of protein in a soft and crumbly cookie filled with sweet chocolate chips. The product is primarily made with almond butter and milk concentrate, hence the hefty amount of protein and other keto-friendly macros. Alongside the 14g of protein a piece, there is an equal amount of fat at 14g, 21g of carbohydrates, 4g of that net carbs and only a gram of that sugar, with 220 calories.

A lot of the protein cookies on the market tend to have the same sort of taste and texture but with companies like HighKey — functional food specialists — that isn’t usually the case. We can tell you its bite-sized mini cookies do indeed crumble like real cookies, and we suspect that realistic experience has been, at the very least, attempted in the HighKey Protein Cookie.

Looking at pictures of the Protein Cookie, HighKey has appeared to throw a lot of sweet chocolate chips in there, so even if its consistency isn’t on point, those decadent chunks will add an exciting touch to the eating experience. The product is available from the online giant Amazon, where you can actually grab it for a reasonable price of $13.99 for a box of six 55g cookies, working out to $2.33 per piece, similar to a box of Quest Cookies.

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