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HTLT puts the reliably effective NAC into a supplement all on its own

Htlt Nac

Like many sports nutrition brands, Greg Doucette’s now very well-established HTLT — standing for his signature saying Harder Than Last Time — has a combination of advanced supplements and some simpler, more straightforward items. With that said, HTLT hasn’t stuck to the traditional essential-style products like glutamine and BCAAs; it’s opted for more uncommon supplements like longjack and ashwagandha.

HTLT is back, adding to that side of its lineup in August, treating fans to another uncommon type of single-ingredient product with NAC. It is, of course, named after its only ingredient NAC or n-acetyl cysteine, known for its ability to support and protect the liver, and drastically increase glutathione production. HTLT’s NAC comes with a solid and effective dose of half a gram and capsule, and there are 60 capsules a bottle.

One final highlight of the latest HTLT supplement is it’s available at a reasonably competitive price. Over at, a single bottle of NAC is $19.99, or if you want to stock up and be rewarded with some discount, there is a three-bottle bundle at $53.99, working out to $18 each.

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