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M Nutrition triples the menu of Anabolic Overdrive and adds a much smaller 2kg offering

M Nutrition 2kg Anabolic Overdrive

Finnish powerhouse M Nutrition has shown its packed-out post-workout supplement Anabolic Overdrive some love and appreciation by significantly expanding its selection of options in terms of flavors and sizes. Anabolic Overdrive is indeed an all-in-one style post-workout, providing a solid 31g of protein a serving, slightly more than that in carbohydrates at 47g, 26g of that sugar, virtually no fat, and 318 calories.

Up until recently, M Nutrition had one flavor available for Anabolic Overdrive in the straightforward citrus recipe Orange, and a single size in a huge 5kg bucket, working out to around 60 servings, or 30 if you want to double up for 62g of protein and 636 calories. The brand has just added two more flavors in, Raspberry Kiwi and Berry; although they aren’t available in that 5kg bucket, they arrived in an all-new and smaller 2kg.

As you can imagine, the 2kg offering isn’t as cost-effective as the 5kg coming in at €48.93 versus the two-and-a-half times bigger bucket’s €83.93, meaning the 2kg is about 45% more expensive. You can grab the additional options for Anabolic Overdrive directly from the brand, and it is worth noting the post-workout’s original Orange is available for the smaller 2kg extension; however, the new flavors don’t come in the 5kg.