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Mrs. Taste stuffs almonds into dates and covers them in chocolate for its latest functional creation

Mrs Taste Cocoadate

Mrs. Taste is a functional food specialist from Brazil that built its name around its vast selection of sauces of toppings, and we aren’t playing around when we say vast. The brand has more tastes to choose from than you could ever want, providing all of the classics and some not-so-common options. Mrs. Taste offers up sauces like Barbecue, the breakfast topping Maple Syrup, and dessert-style offerings like Chocolate and Strawberry.

While toppings were where Mrs. Taste made its name, it has grown far beyond that area of the functional category, offering innovations like better-for-you rice cakes, seasonings, its own take on the iconic Nutella, and now it has Cocoadate. That name may not make too much sense initially, but if you look closer, you can kind of figure out what it’s about, as Cocoadate is a small bag of almonds stuffed into dates and covered in chocolate.

It certainly sounds like something very different, as we’ve experienced high-protein chocolate-coated almonds as well as other types of nuts, although the involvement of dates adds a rather intriguing twist to the experience. Like Mrs. Taste’s condiments, Cocoadate is not intended to be a high-protein snack, more of a better-for-you treat that has absolutely no sugar, zero lactose, naturally sweetened with stevia, and it’s out now in Brazil.