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MitoBurn-infused liquid variant of Muscle Sport’s CarniShred coming off the line

Muiscle Sport Carnishred Mitoburn

CarniShred is a weight loss supplement from the team at Muscle Sport, and as you can probably gather by the name, it is indeed a carnitine-based formula. Currently, there is the lone CarniShred product out there in CarniShred Revolution, combining two sources of carnitine and some premium complementing components in CapsiAtra, the thermogenic-enhancing LeanGBB branded GBB, and Paradoxine grains of paradise.

Shortly, Muscle Sport is launching a second CarniShred supplement by the name of CarniShred + Mitoburn. One of the significant differences on this one is that it is coming in liquid format, not flavored powder like CarniShred Revolution or capsules like most other weight loss competitors. We don’t know exactly what is in the product, but based on the name, it appears to be a mix of carnitine and premium Mitoburn.

Mitoburn has shown the ability to improve insulin sensitivity, increase cellular energy, decrease overall body fat, and more, making for quite a powerful fat-burning ingredient. Mitoburn is clearly in Muscle Sport’s CarniShred + Mitoburn, hence the name, with full details on everything that’s in the supplement coming shortly, as it looks like it is just coming off the line which would suggest a launch is right around the corner.