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Vitamin Shoppe brings in MuscleTech’s pre-cardio Enfinity-infused fat burner Burn iQ

Muscletech Launches Burn Iq At Vitamin Shoppe

MuscleTech is one of the legacy sports nutrition brands that you’ll find in what feels like every supplement store out there, and that’s not just in North America; it helps retailers feel familiar no matter what country you’re in by taking over shelves, corners, and even entire columns. Despite the powerful distribution, MuscleTech continues to grow its reach and availability month by month, and here in August, it’s grown in a rather big way, with The Vitamin Shoppe picking up one of its latest innovations.

The newest supplements in the MuscleTech lineup are the Enfinity paraxanthine-fueled formulas; the smooth, uplifting, and well-balanced pre-workout EurphoriQ and the pre-cardio or even fat-burning pre-workout Burn iQ. It is the latter that The Vitamin Shoppe has started stocking, and if you head to its online store at, you’ll find Burn iQ in two flavors alongside the creatine-based Cell-Tech Ultra.

The Vitamin Shoppe sells Burn iQ at $59.99 for a full-size tub of 50 servings, or 25 maximum servings, in your choice of Mango Chili Lime or the spicy recipe Sweet Heat. That is the same price as MuscleTech’s website and GNC, although the availability of the flavored weight loss supplement isn’t limited to online for The Vitamin Shoppe, you can also head to one of its 100s of locations across the country and find it on shelves.