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Myoband aims to provide a variety of benefits in its dedicated mushroom product

Myoband Immune Shrooms

Mushroom extracts have the ability to support a variety of benefits, including relaxation, focus, performance, and immunity, and over the last few years, several supplements have rolled out, putting them to good use. More recently, we’ve seen a rise in products specifically centered around mushroom extracts, as opposed to having them as a fraction of a wider formula, which is exactly what Myoband’s all-new Immune Shrooms is.

The latest supplement from the UK-based Myoband brings together a host of different mushroom extracts to provide all of the various benefits they have to offer, making for a rather diverse, multi-benefit effort. The product hopes to support digestion, improve and protect immune health, help with cholesterol management and blood sugar regulation, enhance focus and cognition, and provide a good source of antioxidants.

The selection of ingredients squeezed into every serving of Myoband’s Immune Shrooms are 175mg of chaga, then 80mg each of shiitake, maitake, oyster, and reishi mushroom extract, each of them at a specific dose, as you can see, and right at the end on top of all of that is the only non-mushroom component, astragalus, also included at 80mg a serving.

Immune Shrooms is a comprehensive supplement from Myoband that you can seamlessly add to your daily health stack alongside the likes of a multivitamin or superfood, without any worry of crossover with other ingredients, to in turn, get all of those potential benefits highlighted above. The product is in stock and available directly from the brand’s online store at £24.99 (31.82 USD) for a bottle of 30, three capsule servings,

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