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Naked expands its powdered peanut butter with organic, sugary and chocolate options

Naked Pb Organic Sugar Salt Chocolate

Peanut butter powder isn’t anything new, with many brands and products already offering it on the market, although this week at the clean and clear Naked Nutrition, that is indeed the case, or at least that is where the attention has turned. Not too long ago, the brand introduced a straightforward powdered peanut butter named Naked PB, made only with roasted peanuts, and it came in only the one neutral peanut butter flavor.

Naked Nutrition is expanding that product this week with more than just an actual flavor for Naked PB, but a handful of varieties. Joining the simple, untouched flavor of the functional food is a completely organic Naked PB, a more flavorful Naked PB called Sugar & Salt, made with added coconut sugar and sea salt. The final extension is an actual flavor of Naked PB in Chocolate, made with peanut flour, cane sugar, and cocoa.

The items are great additions for fans of Naked Nutrition and its already available Naked PB, giving them the ability to get an organic or tastier experience, whether it be Sugar & Salt or Chocolate. The prices do vary slightly across each of the products, and they’re all more expensive than the original Naked PB with 1.5lbs of Organic Naked PB at $24.99, Sugar & Salt Naked PB at $19.99, and lastly, Chocolate Naked PB also at $19.99.