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Neeva puts a twist on protein cereal and directs users to throw it straight into a shaker

Neeva Super Cereal

Neeva is a fresh new functional food company that makes a familiar type of product, although it’s not marketing it and directing fans to use it in the way we’re used to seeing. Neeva makes small pouches of crispy and crunchy cereal that’s packed full of protein. It has many different tastes and varieties to choose from, all of which have high protein, relatively high carbohydrates, reasonably low sugar and fat, and calories to match.

What makes Neeva and its protein-packed cereal so different is that it’s not encouraging you to throw it in a bowl with milk, as does every other protein cereal on the market. The brand has switched things up a bit and directs users to treat it like a traditional powder-format protein shake. You put a serving of the small cereal pieces into your shaker, pour in some milk or even water to be extra lean, and shake away like any supplement.

Neeva Super Cereal 1

Again, the concept of protein cereal isn’t anything new, but the direction to treat it like a protein shake and tip the liquid and crunchy pieces into your mouth, is. You can, of course, do this with any of the protein cereals on the market, and vice versa, serve Neeva’s product in a bowl. The newcomer has spiced things up on the menu side, giving you six flavors to choose from in PB Puffs, Cookie Puffs, and Choco Puffs in the usual puff ball shape; then you have Lucky O’s with hoops and marshmallows, Cinnamon O’s which is all hoops, and lastly, the flake style Frosty Flakes.

The nutrition profiles vary greatly from flavor to flavor, with between 16 to 18g of protein thanks to its added whey isolate, 24 to 30g of carbohydrates with up to 10g of that sugar, 4g or less of fat, and 180 to 205 calories. With ideal post-workout macros like that, we imagine these taste damn good, and you can try them for yourself over at at $3.99 a bag in your choice of bundles of three or a large pack of a dozen.

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