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Fuel Cakes is back and better than ever, including improved taste and more flavors

New And Improved Fuel Cakes From Rob Lipsett

Rob Lipsett’s completely made-over protein pancake mix company, Fuel Cakes, has arrived, and there are plenty of changes, which make sense when you hear everything that Lipsett himself has done. Firstly, it’s taken about a year to entirely revamp Fuel Cakes into what it is today, and Lipsett has also said he’s had to claw back 30% of the company, craft a refreshed business plan, find a new manufacturer, improve its signature product, and expand its menu.

The 2023 iteration of Fuel Cakes has kept the fat per serving the same at 1.7g, lowered the protein by a reasonable amount at 14g, down from 18g, marginally bumped up the carbohydrates to 24g, 1.7g of that sugar, and lastly, an obvious increase in calories from 158 to 172. The ingredients driving all of that nutrition are relatively simple and clean in a gluten-free flour blend, buttermilk powder, and whey concentrate and pea isolate to get that heightened protein.

Those macros mentioned do vary slightly, as there are now multiple flavors available for Rob Lipett’s Fuel Cakes. Alongside the original classic Buttermilk are two more sweet, dessert-style options in Chocolate Hazelnut and Salted Caramel. All three of them promise a better taste experience than the first Buttermilk Fuel Cakes, and you can get your hands on them starting this week through its online store at €10.99 (11.95 USD) for a bag of nine servings.