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NOCCO starts fall with a refreshing blend of kiwi and strawberry called Golden Era

Nocco Golden Era Energy Drink

When it comes to fun and exciting flavor extensions, the Sweden-based No Carbs Company, more commonly known as NOCCO, never lets a year go by without dropping two or three new tastes for its signature functional beverage. Sometimes it launches additional options spontaneously, although typically, they’re themed around an occasion or time of year, and it’s a mix of both this week in the Golden Era NOCCO energy drink.

The all-new Golden Era flavor is rolling out to the functional beverage specialist’s many different stores and stockists across its home country and undoubtedly neighboring markets shortly. NOCCO is loosely celebrating the start of Autumn with its Golden Era NOCCO Energy drink, which is a classic blend of refreshing kiwi and sweet strawberry. The product has all of the beverage’s usual features, with vitamins, minerals, BCAAs, 180mg of caffeine, and of course, no sugar and a low 12 calories.

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