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Nootropics Depot releases the world’s first lion’s mane supplement standardized to Erinacine A

Nootropics Depot Erinamax

Nootropics Depot has one of the largest selections of supplements on the market, and while many of them are relatively straightforward and standalone, the variety is unrivaled. The brand offers several ingredients that you just won’t find from any other company in the industry, and it has just added another. The latest from Nootropics Depot is the world’s first lion’s mane product standardized to erinacane A named Erinamax Tablets.

Erinamax Tablets is a tablet-format supplement featuring liquid culture lion’s mane mycelium, standardized to half a percent of erinacane A. It is an incredibly impressive industry first product, as this is not like any ordinary lion’s mane supplement you may have come across before. Erinacine A is a nerve growth factor booster specifically from the mycelium of lion’s mane mushroom, although it is incredibly difficult to produce until Nootropics Depot’s Erinamax, which has apparently been in the works for a lengthy eight years.

There are promising health benefits that come from the erinacine A in Erinamax Tablets; as mentioned, it improves the synthesis of nerve growth factor, resulting in enhanced focus, cognition and mood, and it supports neuroprotection. Being that lion’s mane standardized to erinacane A is the one and only ingredient in Nootropics Depot’s Erinamax Tablets, that does make it versatile and easy to stack with other supplements.

Every tablet of the Nootropics Depot innovation comes with half a gram of liquid culture lion’s mane mycelium, providing 2.5mg of erinacine A, as per the half-[ercent standardization, and as always, the brand has testing to back up the product and its label. You can purchase Erinamax Tablets straight from Nootropics Depot’s official online store at $54.99 for a bottle of 60 tablets or save a little by grabbing the double-sized 120 count at $99.99.