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Labor Day sale kicking off early at NutraBio and bringing extensions to three separate products

Nutrabio Labor Day Launches

Labor Day is going down precisely one week from today, and NutraBio has already confirmed it’ll have something running for the occasion by way of a sale that’ll be kicking off a few days earlier on Friday, the 1st of September. We’re not sure what the reputable brand has planned for the promotion, but it tends to go large when it comes to sales, offering substantial discounts and sometimes free accessories, samples, and shipping.

In addition to the Labor Day sale, NutraBio has confirmed it plans on dropping new flavor extensions, or at least two extensions, and another option for three of its already available, top-selling supplements. The flavor extensions are a sweet and salty Vanilla Caramel flavor of the brand’s time-time Protein Wars champion Whey Protein Isolate, and the other is Passion Fruit Pineapple for Leg Day, which was introduced as a special edition and alternatively branded exclusive to the retailer Natural Body.

As for the other product NutraBio is dropping for Labor Day, it’s a variety pack of its hybrid energizing and recovery-supporting product Amino Kick. It’ll have the same 20 single-serving stick packs in a bag, but instead of all 20 being one flavor, there are five of each of the four currently available: Blue Raspberry, Grape Berry Crush, Orange Mango, and Raspberry Lemonade. Again, the sale goes live on Friday over at