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NutraBio posts the first look at its long-awaited rebrand shown off on MultiSport

Nutrabio Rebranded Multisport

NutraBio has unveiled the second step of its highly-anticipated revamp after announcing last week that its “Journey Of Transformation & Inspiration Begins Today”. Following on from that, we have a glimpse of that transformation or evolution by way of its first rebranded supplement. The reputable sports nutrition company has refreshed the look of its daily essential and genuinely comprehensive multivitamin, MultiSport For Men.

NutraBio has changed the name slightly for its updated MultiSport For Men, moving to MultiSport Men’s Daily, although its purpose is still very much the same, providing all of the essential vitamins and minerals active men need to support and improve health and wellness. Something else you can see in the image above is the change in appearance, where NutraBio has shifted to branding with many more modern features.

Nutrabio Multisport Rebrand

A lot of the information and the hierarchy of it all has remained the same for NutraBio’s newly named and branded MultiSport Men’s Daily, but the graphics, colors, and layout has been shifted around. NutraBio has added significantly more detail to the background of the supplement in a sleek black-on-black logo pattern topped with matte finish areas, and raised and spot printing in parts of the label to help the important points pop.

There is a touch of color in there with orange, which is not going to be present across every rebranded supplement; it’s specific to MultiSport Men’s Daily and those similar, and will change from product to product, depending on its type and the category it falls under. NutraBio is still very much at the beginning stages of sharing everything it’s been working on, so be sure to stay tuned for updates as the brand goes through its transformation.