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GreenSelect takes care of the weight loss side in Obvi’s Elite version of Collagenic Burn

Obvi Collagenic Burn Elite

Collagenic Burn is a weight loss supplement from the bright and colorful 2021 Brand Of The Year winner Obvi that combines traditional fat-burning ingredients with its signature feature, collagen. It brings together the likes of garcinia cambogia, CLA, green tea, cayenne pepper, and a touch of caffeine, then a blend of different collagens. The brand has released a spin-off of that very product in the similar-minded Collagenic Burn Elite.

Collagenic Burn Elite is an alternative to Obvi’s unique original, Collagenic Burn, that comes at a slightly higher price and with a different selection of ingredients, at least on the weight loss side of things. The brand has put the same collection of collagen sources into its Elite variant with a single-gram blend of hydrolyzed bovine and fish, bovine and chicken bone broth, and eggshell membrane collagen, providing types I, II, III, V, and X.

Obvi Collagenic Burn Elite Label

The fat-burning part of the formula in Collagenic Burn Elite is what truly separates it from Collagenic Burn, with Obvi throwing in a 370mg non-transparent blend of GreenSelect green tea, proven to support weight loss, caffeine from separate green tea leaf extract, and a small amount of MCTs. Interestingly, Obvi promotes the research of GreenSelect, where you take two servings of 150mg a day to support fat loss, although because Collagenic Burn Elite has it in a blend, it’s not clear if you actually get that dose.

Either way, it is GreenSelect driving the difference in Obvi’s Collagenic Burn Elite, making it more of an alternative supplement to the regular Collagenic Burn, not really a premium version where you get everything from the original and several supporting features on top for better results. The price is quite a bit higher for the Elite spin-off, 25% higher, in fact, at $49.99 compared to Collagenic Burn’s $39.99 for a tub of 30 servings.