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Retailer PrimaLife releases a fluffy protein pancake with a delicious creamy filling

Primalife Protein Pancake

PrimaLife is a UK retailer that has taken the path we’ve seen many others take in the world of sports nutrition, making its very own brand, although not quite in the traditional format of things like a pre-workout, fat burner, or protein powder. PrimaLife has created a brand of the same name, and its first item is none other than a functional food, and even more interestingly, it is not a bar, beverage, or even a cookie, but a protein-packed pancake.

PrimaLife has gone with the style of pancake seen from the likes of Nano Supps, Go Fitness, and Bombbar in Russia, where you get a soft and fluffy pancake that has a creamy filling in the center for a delicious hit of flavor and an even better consistency once you get that far into the snack. The macros on a single 55g pancake from PrimaLife start with 13g of protein, followed by a low 2.9g of fat, 13g of carbohydrates, 3.1g of that sugar, and 169 calories.

Those nutrition numbers are certainly not bad considering the unique and undoubtedly enjoyable format and to top it off, the retailer and now brand, has introduced its protein pancake in a handful of flavors with Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, and the classic Nutella mix of Chocolate Hazelnut. PrimaLife is, of course, selling its debut functional food and first-ever product in general through its online store at at £23.99 (30.49 USD) for 12.

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