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PRVN makes a limited flavor of Hydration+ for this year’s CrossFit Games

Prvn Bombsicle Hydration

At this year’s CrossFit Games, which took place last week at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin, the sports nutrition brand PRVN was in attendance and exhibiting with a special edition product put together specifically for the event. PRVN doesn’t have an overly large selection of supplements, but the few it does have focus on important areas of health and performance, including hydration, sleep for maximum recovery, and a multivitamin for general health and wellness.

The limited-time item PRVN put into production for the CrossFit Games is an entirely new flavor for its all-out, electrolyte-loaded hydration product aptly named Hydration+. The supplement already has its fair share of ongoing options, all relatively straightforward, including Lemonade, Green Apple, Watermelon, and Berry. The temporary flavor for PRVN’s Hydration+ is the Bomb Pop-inspired Bombsicle, combining the three tastes of the classic popsicle in cherry, lime, and blue raspberry.

PRVN’s limited edition Bombsicle Hydration+ has all of the same key ingredients as the other flavors to support, improve and drive hydration, performance, and endurance. As mentioned, it debuted at this year’s CrossFit Games in Madison, although for those that didn’t make it out, the brand is giving you a chance to grab it this Friday through its website. The price of the product will be $48, $10 more than other Hydration+ tastes, but this has twice the servings, making it drastically more cost-effective.

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