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Latest Rule One teaser points us in the direction of a gelato-themed flavor series

Rule One Proteins Teases A Potential Gelato Series

Rule One Proteins is no stranger to teasing and building hype leading into the launch of a completely new supplement or flavor extension for an already available product. The successful, legacy sports nutrition brand is here today to do exactly that, sharing the image you can see above that at first doesn’t appear to include much of anything outside of its logo, although when you look a bit closer, there are some intriguing details.

When you lighten the teaser from Rule One Proteins by a fair amount, you can see a cobblestone road with parked scooters, outdoor seating at a restaurant, and what appears to be classic European architecture. If we had to guess, the picture is of a street in something like Italy, which then leads us to think we’re either getting something like a European-themed family of flavors or, if we’re looking at Italy specifically, maybe a gelato line.

On this occasion, Rule One Proteins hasn’t shared a whole lot of details outside of the darkened teaser graphic, but we feel we may be on to something with that gelato series, which could go nicely for any of its protein powders like R1 Whey Blend and R1 Protein, or maybe even the Bar1 protein bar. We’ll have to wait to see exactly what Rule One Proteins has cooked up, and it probably won’t be that long of a wait, as it doesn’t usually take too long to go from a vague picture to a complete reveal.

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