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Brands in the Stack3d section at the Arnold will each receive a custom challenge coin

Stack3d Select X Arnold Sports Challenge Coin

Over the last few months and even more so since announcing our partnership with the Arnold Sports Festival, we’ve been working endless hours behind the scenes to make the 2024 edition of the legendary sports nutrition expo one to remember. Stack3d Select is going to a dedicated section at the Arnold Expo, filled with handpicked functional food companies, energy drinks, and reputable sports nutrition brands.

There are a lot of features to Stack3d Select that’ll make it different from other areas of the Arnold Expo, including a maximum booth size so that all of the brands involved are on a similar level and no one can tower over the next. The latest development of the collaboration is actually something suggested by a couple of the exhibitors who already signed on for the section in a special edition digital badge and an actual challenge coin.

This will be something every exhibitor can proudly present wherever they choose — website, social media, in the office — to show that they were officially a part of the Stack3d Select pavilion at the 2024 Arnold Sports Festival. These will be given to each of the 30 to 40 brands in the section, and this is just the beginning of the announcements and features planned, so be sure to stay tuned for more developments for the partnership.