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PMS+, Fertility+ and one other product coming in Supplement Needs’ premium women’s line

Supplement Needs Previews Premium Fertility And Pms

The retailer and now incredibly well-established brand Supplement Needs is getting ready to drop a fresh new family of products designed exclusively for women and benefits specifically geared towards them. The plan is to start with three separate supplements, each of them built for a different purpose, although they all have a similar look and feel, with the brand dressing them in its usual white labels but alongside vibrant purple accents.

The first product from Supplement Needs is Fertility+, bringing together 27 different vitamins and minerals for general health and maternal wellness; essentially a common prenatal multivitamin but with the brand’s signature premium touch. The other product we know about for the Supplement Needs series is PMS+, formulated with 14 different components to support and provide relief from typical symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Again, there are expected to be three entries in the upcoming Supplement Needs women’s collection, so there is one more still to come and go alongside Fertility+ and PMS+. We’re very interested to see where the brand goes on that one, as it’s not often you see sports nutrition companies making products designed specifically for women’s health, let alone a complete collection. The line will add a whole other element to Supplement Needs and its family of products, and drastically further its reach.

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