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Tropical Fruit Punch comes on board Mutant’s GEAAR menu as flavor number seven

Tropical Fruit Punch Mutant Geaar

Since introducing its comprehensive amino cocktail GEAAR back in early 2020, Mutant has been gradually building out its menu despite debuting the recovery-support supplement in a nice variety of options in Tiger’s Blood, Rocket Pop, Sweet Iced Tea, and Blue Raspberry. Both of the flavor extensions the legacy brand has come out with have been a part of a special edition series in the red, white, and blue Rocket Pop, which wasn’t completely new, and the unique scratch and sniff enhanced Orange Rush.

Making it seven flavors this week for Mutant’s EAA-powered GEAAR, which comes with a sizeable 9g of all nine EAAs to improve muscle recovery and repair, is a creation that’s not a part of any series or collection and is a rather traditional taste for a supplement in Tropical Fruit Punch. You can already purchase it directly through the brand’s online store, where you’ll pay a reasonable $34.99 for a tub of 30 full servings, and fans can look forward to seeing it in stores shortly across Canada.

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