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Already extensive Tsunami Nutrition adds a simple and clean bottle of liquid egg whites

Tsunami Nutrition Egg Whites

While Tsunami Nutrition is relatively new to us here at Stack3d, it is well-established in its home country of Italy, and if you’ve had the chance to check out its website, you’ll see it has an incredibly extensive selection of supplements covering all sorts of categories and in many different formats. Since coming across the company, it’s been posted about on several occasions, showing how busy it can be, and this week we have it in the headlines again with a clean and nutritious food supplement.

The latest from Tsunami Nutrition is Albume D’uovo, which is Italian for egg whites, and that’s precisely what it is. Albume D’uovo is a bulk bottle of straightforward egg whites, providing one of the cleanest sources of protein you’ll find, with 10.2g of protein in a serving with almost zero fat, 1.2g of carbohydrates, and 50 calories. You can already purchase 485ml bottles of the product directly through the brand’s website at €3.61, although that is currently discounted by a good amount to €2.89 (3.16 USD).