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VMI’s signature pre-workout K-XR is getting a more advanced premium version

Vmi Sports Previews Premium K Xr Elite

One of the supplements VMI Sports is most known for is its signature stimulant pre-workout, K-XR, which holds a strong position at the mainstream level of the highly competitive category, carrying a price of $29.99 for a tub of 30 servings. The product is far more cost-effective than your average pre-workout, although very soon, the brand is giving fans the opportunity to pay more to get a more advanced supplement.

VMI Sports has shared the first look at its upcoming K-XR Elite, which is indeed going to be a premium pre-workout. That is a type of pre-workout where as mentioned, brands formulate something that comes at a higher price than their regular competitor, but you get a lot more from the product with a wider selection of ingredients and stronger dosages. We haven’t seen the facts panel for K-XR Elite; however, it is taking that premium approach, and it will have a higher amount of active ingredients.

The preview of K-XR Elite is just that, for now, a preview, and we probably won’t be seeing too many other details for a while. VMI Sports has said it doesn’t plan on officially launching its more comprehensive and advanced pre-workout for another couple of months, on the first day of November. Again, that is quite some time away, but being such an important type of supplement, we’re guessing it’ll be worth the wait for fans of VMI and K-XR.

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