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GAAM resurrects its limited Tofta Beach and makes it a permanent flavor of its energy drink

White Peach Gaam Energy

Sweden’s house brand GAAM Nutrition from the reputable retailer Proteinbolaget releases several special edition flavors for its energizing beverage GAAM Energy, including tastes for Christmas, Easter, and simply to mark the summer season. Not last year, but the year before that, the brand rolled out a summery experience for its energy drink named Tofta Beach, inspired by the beach of the same name located in GAAM and Proteinbolaget’s home country of Sweden, specifically the island of Gotland.

For 2023, two years after the initial availability of Tofta Beach GAAM Energy, GAAM Nutrition is bringing it back, although this time it’s not here temporarily. The brand has decided to resurrect the taste and make it a permanent option for the beverage, and instead of Tofta Beach, it has been given a new name describing its actual taste in White Peach. The product has all of the usual highlights of GAAM Energy with B vitamins and 180mg of caffeine, and available from Proteinbolaget and in cans and cases.