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Popular German brand All Stars finally comes out with a common flavor drops product

All Stars White Chocolate Raspberry Flavor Drops

German sports nutrition competitor All Stars is taking the month of September to introduce an extremely common European functional item in flavor drops, which is a bottle of concentrated liquid flavor to drop on food and shakes for added taste without the guilt. Despite several significant brands having that product available, All Stars did not, at least until this week, as it’s just debuted the convenient and virtually no-calorie creation appropriately named Flavor Drops.

All Stars’ Flavor Drops follow the style of functional food to a tee, having absolutely no fat, protein, sugar, or carbohydrates, next to no calories; giving fans that ability we mentioned earlier, where you drop it on food for extra taste without any concern for added calories. The product has launched in four flavors, ideal for all sorts of occasions and situations in Cherry, White Chocolate Raspberry, Hazelnut, and Chocolate Cookie, and they cost €5.99 (6.41 USD) a bottle direct.

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