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Atron brings together an impressive list of highlights in its sleep aid Fade

Atron Fade

The competition in the sports nutrition space in Sweden has really picked up these last couple of years, with several brands stepping up their game and pumping out some seriously well-put-together products. Atron is another one of those reputable supplement companies in that part of the world, and right before the close of September, it is back in the headlines with the reveal and release of a packed product for the nighttime category.

Atron Fade is the latest from the competitive Swedish brand, and in its full two-scoop serving, you get some serious numbers. It’s not often sports nutrition companies craft something specifically for the nighttime window to support sleep, but when they do, they tend to be pretty solid. Atron shows that high-quality approach in Fade, with nine different ingredients combining for an impressive total of 16.9g of actives, all for relaxation, deep sleep, and recovery.

Atron Fade Label

The stacked two-scoop serving of Atron Fade comes with a gram each of citrulline, olive leaf, magnesium biglycinate, and citicoline, a huge 10g of glycine, and 200mg each of ecklonia cava algae and theanine. You also get a solid 1.5g of one of our favorite nighttime components in GABA, and the heavily researched KSM-66 Ashwagandha at a dose 66% higher than the usual 600mg, coming in the same as the citrulline and citicoline at a gram.

As far as formulas go, Atron Fade is one of the most loaded competitors we’ve seen for this specific category in quite some time. It is even more impressive since it’s an international supplement, and rules and regulations differ drastically when you get outside of the US, more so in the area of sleep. Atron is selling its sleep and recovery supporting Fade directly through its website at a reasonable 399 kr (36.82 USD) for a tub of 20 maximum servings.