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Big Flex builds up the launch of essentially a rebranded version of its protein powder

Big Flex Rebrand Prime Whey

Big Flex in India has been teasing a supplement these past few weeks, all leading to the reveal and release of a protein powder named Prime Whey. The brand already had a product on the market under that same title in Prime Whey, and surprisingly, this is very much the same sort of thing. The latest from Big Flex is indeed a whey-based supplement featuring a blend of mostly whey concentrate and whey isolate to provide 24g of protein a serving.

The Prime Whey that was already available from Big Flex also brought together a blend of whey concentrate and whey isolate for 24g of protein a serving and an almost identical nutrition profile. That protein sits alongside 2.9g of carbohydrates, under a gram of that sugar, 1.8g of fat, and 123 calories. Internally, and by that we mean formula wise and what you get from the new Prime Whey, it’s pretty much the same as the Prime Whey already out there.

It is worth noting the flavors are slightly different for Big Flex’s, essentially restocked and rebranded Prime Whey protein powder, with four to choose from in Chocolate Cream, the frozen dessert kulfi, Mixed Berries, and the Indian dessert drink Rose Falooda. All of those flavors are available direct in 1kg and 2kg tubs for the same exact price as the previous version of the supplement at ₹3,059 (36.83USD) for the 2.2lb and ₹6,034 (72.65 USD) for the 4.4lb.