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Black Market blends strawberry, pineapple and coconut for its latest limited flavor series

Black Market Vice City Flavor Series

In about one week, on Monday of next week, the original underground supplement company Black Market is releasing another one of its signature and always enjoyable limited edition flavor series. The sports nutrition company doesn’t do these anywhere near as frequently as it used to, but it still wasn’t that long ago that we got Black Market’s last temporary flavor collection in Cinco De Mango for three separate products and obviously put together to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.

Black Market’s fresh new flavor series for September is Vice City, a refreshing fruity recipe that brings together the tropic and intensely sweet flavors of pineapple, strawberry, and coconut, which is the same sort of recipe as the similarly named classic cocktail, Vice City. The brand has made that flavor for three separate supplements, all of them obviously pre-workouts in AdreNOlyn Underground, AdreNOlyn Nootropic, and Cuts, and again, they’re all launching on Monday of next week.