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Bodylab makes it easier to have a high-protein and low-sugar breakfast in its latest drop

Bodylab Tradtiional Pancake Mix And Toppings

Danish lifestyle and sports nutrition brand Bodylab has dropped a whole bunch of products this month to mix things up in the morning with three separate innovations that all complement one another. The core extension of the Bodylab family is Traditional Pancake & Waffle Mix, which, as per the name of the item, is a powder supplement that you can easily turn into protein-packed pancakes or waffles in the comfort of your own kitchen.

A single and sizeable 100g serving of Bodylab’s Traditional Pancake & Waffle Mix provides a strong 30g of protein alongside a much heavier 50g of carbohydrates, a minimal 3.8g of that sugar, 5.2g of fat, and a calorie count of 365. As mentioned, the protein pancake and waffle mix is the primary product from the brand; the other two are functional offerings that can be used in many situations but go nicely with the functional mix.

Joining Bodylab for September, on top of Traditional Pancake & Waffle Mix, is the low-calorie Strawberry Zero Jam, with only a gram of sugar in a moderate 30g serving and about seven calories. Lastly is Zero Topping in an Apple Cinnamon flavor with just 2.2g of sugar in 30g of the topping and 34 calories, which, like the Zero Jam in its classic strawberry flavor, can be spooned on top of the fluffy high-protein pancakes and waffles.

As always, the best place to go to get the latest from Bodylab is its own online store at, where you’ll pay 119 DKK (17.11 USD) for a bag of five servings of the Traditional Pancake & Waffle Mix, and 49 DKK (7.04 USD) a bottle each for Zero Topping and Zero Jam. The brand has also conveniently dropped a complete bundle that has all three, making it even easier to get the breakfast experience at a discounted 149 DKK (21.43 USD).

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